Monday, 31 October 2016

Welcome Videos, Bye Bye Boring Article

Launching "GST Bites", Video Series on GST.

Since passage of  Constitution Amendment bill for GST, we saw a plethora of sites writing / explaining GST and it's nitty-gritties. But, many GST learners found themselves lost in this ocean of GST articles / blog posts. More importantly, there is very little reliance on the articles that we read unless, you know credentials of the author. Hence, launching a video series which will be made by three Chartered Accountants.
Credentials of the authors for this Video Series -
Ashok Kumar Madrecha (CA, BCom Hons) - Practicing CA since 1989
Adarsh Ashok Madrecha (CA, DISA)           - Consultant at EY (Ernst Young)
Priya Adarsh Madrecha (CA, CS)                 - Ex Consultant at KPMG

1st video is out, have a look and don't forget to subscribe for more such videos.

Some of the 1st Reaction of viewers.

Intuitive and interesting videos.
Finally some fun in learning Tax
So simple and unique way to explain GST
Great Initiative, video is just awesome

Small Background

When me and my colleagues and friends started this blog, we were ahead of time in starting this GST blog. The topic of GST was in and out of media just like a movie actor. Then Constitution Amendment bill was passed unanimously by Parliament. It paved the way for GST law and now we (as well as our beloved Finance Minister +Arun Jaitley ) are confident that GST will be applicable from 1st April 2017.
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