Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Training for Authors - How to become author and start posting

In this post I shall describe how to become author and to start posting.
Update (30-07-2014) - Added Video (see below)

Before discussing this, Let's see how blogs work.
  • The blog unlike websites have dynamic contents. 
  • Similar to Facebook timeline or Twitter feed, a blog's post are updated.
  • Newer post appear before the older posts. Hence home page always have newest post.
  • To view entire contents of the post, people generally need to go to post URL. Where they can add comments [Comments are currently disabled on this blog, shall be enabled after completing the designing]
This blog is hosted on "Blogger.com" a Google Product. To post content on blog, go to - blogger.com and login into your Google account. If you are already login then it shall directly taken to list of blogs you can post to.

Now lets see how to become an Author.

1st Step - Message me to add you to this blog "Authorship"
Important : You must provide your Google account email ID.
I shall add your email ID to Authorship. Once I add you to this Authorship. You shall receive an email from me through blogger.com
Email for Accepting Authorship
Step 2 - Accepting Authorship
Now open the email you received. It will be from "Adarsh Madrecha"
Email that you received
Click on "Accept Invitation"
This shall take you to a new Tab in your browser
Page that opens when clicked on "Accept Invitation"
Click on "Sign In"
If you have already signed in, then you may not see this page.

Page after Click on "Sign In"

After you click on "Sign In" Google may ask you to sign in again with your email and password. After that you return on this page above.
Now finally click on "Accept Invitation" and wait for a few seconds for processing. You shall then be taken to "Blogger.com" 

Your home at Blogger.com
Now you can see that one blog is added to your Blog list. You can now post on this blog.

Done. You have successfully accepted the Authorship.
Congratulations for becoming author.

Let's see how to add content and create a post.

Click on the name of the blog and you shall be taken to home of the Blog.
Home of blog you selected
Google has done a wonderful job to make posting on blog easy and fast.

Still, if may want to keep reading.

Click on "New Post" button on the left below "My Blog" or can also click on "Pencil Icon" in upper left hand corner near "Blogger"

This shall take you to "Create Post Page". Now be careful a little bit. Make sure u are on the "Compose" tab and not the "HTML" tab.
Create Post Page

First give post a Title. I have given a title as "Write Post Title here".
Now come to the writing area.
I have just typed "Post content here", your content of the article must be pasted here.
First type out full article in a text file (Yes, a text File and not a Word file). Then copy and paste it here in white area.
After pasting can apply the formatting which is similar to MS word 2003.

To explain the other areas of this page see the pics below.

Now let's save the post and close. For this, Press "Save" and then "Close"
This shall take you to Posts list.
List of post

As we have not published this post, it is showing under "Draft".
All Published posts will be shown under "Published" - Whether published by you or any author. The "Drafts" are private to you only. Other authors including me cannot see these posts.

You can also access these from blogger home page as shown below
Video on how to Create post

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